What is Detox Health Drip and why do you need it?

Detox is all about removing toxins from your body so that you are able to maintain a healthy body faction. Our bodies are constantly working to remove unwanted substances from our systems. Over time, our bodies become less efficient when it comes to detoxing as a result of our lifestyle choices and other environmental toxins that are part of our modern lives.

Detox is recommended for everyone. No matter how healthy your diet is, there are external factors that will still introduce toxins into your body. When we don’t detox our bodies, our vital organs are placed under pressure hence they are unable to work efficiently and this is when diseases and illnesses start to set in.

When it comes to weight loss, detoxing is vital as it will determine how fast you are able to reach your goal weight. This is because toxins stored in your fat cells makes it harder for you to lose the fat.

How do you know your body is due for detox?

  • You constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued
  • Lack of mental clarity and you experience frequent headaches
  • Frequent skin breakouts and blemishes. You may also experience a dull and lack-luster complexion
  • You easily pick up colds and flues, you find yourself often on medication
  • You have a troublesome digestion
  • You mostly don’t have appetite for healthy meals and you find appetite for processed food, fast food, refined sugar etc.
  • You frequently have coffee, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or cigarettes
  • You carry excess body weight
  • You often feel depressed, unmotivated and you lack energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Your body odor seems to stink more than usual, despite you using deodorant or toothpaste

If you find yourself suffering from the above or you generally just need to detox, our DETOX HEALTH DRIP is ideal for you! The administration of this drip takes 45 minutes – 1 hour and the effects are felt immediately.

Here are some of the benefits of our Detox Drip

  • Improves healthy body function
  • Improves your Immune system function and as a result you’ll become more resistant against the common cold/flu and viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Maintains healthy eyesight, hair, skin, nails and brain function
  • Improves cardiovascular health, muscle tone, muscle function and exercise performance
  • Improves the functioning and development of the brain, blood cells, nerves and more
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Stimulates protein production
  • Potentially improves digestion and maintain a healthy appetite
  • Maintains healthy nerve function
  • Lower blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Reduces stress and blood uric acid levels which helps to reduce the risk of kidney problems, kidney stones, joint pain and gout
  • Potentially protect and reduce the symptoms of memory and thinking disorders like dementia
  • Improves muscle recovery, injury recovery and wound repair function
  • Potentially improve metabolism and stimulate weight loss by detoxifying the body

Considering we are still in the middle of a pandemic, it is best advised to always to take up activities and treatments that boost your immunity and your body’s general health. We administer the Detox Drip at a discount from time to time. Call us today on 0701 144 000.

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