Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a condition which is characterized by increase pigmentation on the forehead, cheeks, or other areas on your face. This can occur during or after pregnancy, hormonal changes, or other reasons for facial pigmentation.

Melasma can be effectively treated by us with a combination of cosmeceutical skin ointments (Luminesce from Lamelle), Microneedling, Chemical Peel or Laser. The Q-Switched laser (a special NdYAG Laser) is the ideal choice for the reduction of pigmented lesions such as melasma, sun-damaged skin or age spots, as well as giving you a more even and balanced skin complexion.

The laser for melasma combines high peak power and short pulse duration resulting from the innovative Q-switched crystal, which targets deep pigmentation directly, leaving the skin untouched. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigments (usually brown or grey). These pigments break into smaller fragments and are naturally cleared away by the body´s immune system. We usually need 3-6 sessions to completely clear your melasma, by using safe energy settings that don’t harm your skin.
This means there is minimal pain and almost no downtime, and the laser is suitable for all skin types.

Our Q-Switched laser is also used for treatment of reducing other types of facial darkening such as lentigines, lentigos, hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots. Regular therapies with this laser will also give you an even skin tone and rejuvenate your face – it helps lighten the skin tone and makes it fairer, brighter and glowing.

Another laser used for facial pigmentation reduction is the Erbium-YAG fraxel laser (fractionated), which we offer at Dr. Stasch MediSpa as well.