Age Spots Treatment in Nairobi

Pigmented skin lesions which appear in the face can be caused by all kind of things from UV radiation, the sun, hormonal changes in the body, inflammation after putting on bad cosmetics, or just old age. In Kenya, pigmentation usually comes from too much sun exposure.

Ideally, you should have checked them with a skin specialist in Nairobi to rule out skin cancer. Find a skin specialist here.

If found to be harmless, the Q-Switched laser (a special NdYag Laser) is the ideal choice for the treatment of pigmented lesions, such as sun-damaged skin and age spots. It also gives you a more even and balanced skin complexion.

This laser combines high peak power and short pulse duration resulting from the innovative Q-switched crystal, which targets both superficial and deep pigmentation directly, leaving the skin untouched.

The Q-Switched laser is generally used for the treatment of:

Pigment accumulation in your skin cause conditions such as melasma, lentigines, lentigos, hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots. The pigments found in the pigment cells absorb the laser energy, which causes them to break into smaller fragments which are naturally cleared away by the body´s immune system.

The color of our skin is also determined by the number of skin pigments. Sun, age and environmental factors give our skin different color tones. Laser treatment helps lighten the skin tone and makes it fairer, brighter and more even.