Stretch Marks Body Area

Do you suffer from Stretch Marks? You may wish to consider our Stretch Mark Removal service in Nairobi, to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these lines.

Stretch Marks become visible because the skin breaks in various parts of the body – either because of weight gain, pregnancy, or sudden weight loss – or because steroid creams have thinned the skin too much (which can happen if you use dangerous skin lightening creams for example).

Returning to better skin with smooth legs, buttocks and tummy can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! With our special protocol for Stretch Mark Removal, we can help to reduce their appearance.

One of the critical success factors in stretch mark removal is the combination of several therapies with different modalities:

We use the Q-switched laser to tighten your skin and change the color of stretch marks, the fractionated Erbium YAG to improve collagen formation, and either conventional microneedling or the RF microneedling (FusioMed) to stimulate skin tightening and reduction of the scars / stretch marks.