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Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream

KSh 19,030

Ultra Rich Moisturizer, Mature, Sun Damaged Skin

Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream is an advanced corrective night cream with 50% more growth factors than other products in this range, stimulating tissue regeneration and collagen production for more youthful skin. Suitable for mature, sun-damaged, dry skins but it should only be used according to skin tolerance and introduced slowly if you have never used active ingredients. Not suitable for sensitive or rosacea-prone skins.

Key ingredients include a proprietary Growth Factor complex, together with anti-inflammatory Cytokines to slow down and stop chronic inflammation associated with skin ageing. Retinoic Acid Ester treats all signs of skin ageing. Hyaluronic Acid fragment (HAFI) technology has skin-plumping benefits due to its ability to attract and retain water. Patented Ceramide-P provides superior lipid barrier defense. Fragrance-free. Not tested on animals.

Dr. Tilman’s Recommendation: Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream is Lamelle’s most superior skin product for home care. It is an advanced anti-ageing night cream and should not be used until you have built skin tolerance to this product by using the Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream first. It is suitable for very dry, sun-damaged skin with fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough texture and pigment changes due to the sun. This is a really exciting product – it is a pioneering infusion of the body’s most powerful anti-inflammatory cytokines combined with natural growth factor proteins to simultaneously soothe chronic inflammation, a cause of skin ageing. It also stimulates superior tissue regeneration, collagen production and advanced skin remodeling for a more youthful appearance. Always be extra cautious about applying a high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen when using active ingredients.

Caution: Do not use the Lamelle RA products with this night cream – use either or product. This product is best suited to very dry skin and those with combination or oily skin will find it too rich.

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Mature, Sun Damaged Skin

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