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Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask

KSh 5,220

Lipid Recovery Hydrating Mask, Dry, Atopic Skin

Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask is a silk-like rich moisturizing mask formulated with a proprietary lipid recovery complex to provide essential support to dry skins. This treatment mask helps to enhance the benefits of moisturizers formulated for dry skin, providing much-needed lipid replenishment and hydration. Suitable for all skin types but especially those with very dry skin.

Key ingredients include patented Ceramide-P which creates a multiple lipid layered structure similar to normal human skin. Instead of creating a single layer of lipid on the surface of your skin like conventional moisturizers, Serra mimics the human skin barrier, essentially replacing what is missing and eliminating the root cause of dry skin. Fatty Acids optimize overall lipid balance. Shea Butter is an excellent emollient that helps keep skin soft, smooth and moisturized.

Dr. Tilman’s Recommendation: Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask should ideally be used at least 3 times per week and if used together with the Serra moisturizers, it will provide even greater moisturization when the skin is more dry than usual. It does not replace the need for a moisturizer but rather as an addition to an effective moisturizer as part of any dry skin regimen.

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Atopic, Dry

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