Deep Tissue Massage

During a Deep Tissue Massage, your inner muscle layers and connective tissues are targeted by applying gentle pressure using slow, deep strokes. The technique is used to break up scar tissue and ease muscle “knots” and adhesions that can disrupt circulation, cause pain and inflammation, or limit the range of motion.

Before you begin the massage, the therapist will apply light pressure or use a lighter touch to warm up and prepare the muscles. Then the deep tissue massage therapist will apply specific techniques to the affected area, which include:

  • Deep, gliding pressure along the muscle fibers' length using the elbows, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs
  • Pressure applied across the grain of the muscle to release adhesions, the bands of painful, rigid tissue, and realign tissue fibers
  • Stretch and loosen the fibro-muscular bands which run from top to toe

Take deep breaths during the session to increase the oxygen flow in your body during the massage session. Be sure to drink a lot of water to flush the tissues’ metabolic wastes after this massage.

Our Deep Tissue Massage in Nairobi is not limited to athletes and runners but also applies to people with an injury, those recovering from one, or just after physical activity. A deep tissue massage is just the pain-relieving therapy you need from muscle pain conditions such as hamstring strain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, postural problems, upper back or neck pain, etc.

Sessions:As neededCost (KES):4,000 to 7,000

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