Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Nairobi is an effective treatment modality and offers many benefits for those either preparing for or recovering from surgery. This includes many different types of surgeries that we perform here at the Dr. Stasch Clinic.

Lymphatic Massage before Surgery

Receiving the treatment prior to surgery helps to prepare the area of the body about to undergo an operation. It does this by stimulating the lymph vessels of the lymphatic system to remove cellular waste products, bacteria, viruses, excess proteins, excess fluid, and any other unwanted substances from the spaces between your cells; essentially cleaning the tissues.

The effects of Lymphatic Drainage treatment may reduce the risk of post-surgical complications such as infection, excessive swelling, bruising and scar tissue that can later restrict mobility.

An additional benefit of receiving lymphatic drainage massage prior to surgery is the deeply relaxing effect it can have on the nervous system. By helping to shift the nervous system into a more relaxed state, receiving lymphatic drainage supports the entire body is adjusting to the physical and traumatic changes caused by an operation.

Three consecutive treatments before surgery have shown to yield the best results.

Lymphatic Drainage after Surgery

And then comes the swelling after surgery… While some swelling is very normal and a necessary part of the inflammatory healing process, excessive or prolonged swelling can become problematic leading to longer healing times, increased pain, increased risk of infection, persistent swelling, and can adversely affect scar formation causing unwanted adhesions and decreased movements.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage has great success in treating post-surgical swelling as it can address these issues. After surgery the lymphatic and immune systems are working overtime to repair and cleanse the tissues, making it important and beneficial treatment modality as it increases localized circulation of fresh blood, containing nutrients necessary for tissue healing and supports and stimulates the lymphatic system in flushing unwanted cellular debris and excess fluid at a faster rate. Therefore, healing times may be accelerated, adverse scar formation minimized, decreases the risk of infection, and swelling, bruising and pain may be reduced. This allows patients to rehabilitate more efficiently and effectively improving functional integration back into their daily lives.

Because Lymphatic Drainage is such a gentle treatment, it can be received within days of surgery. Treatment frequency after surgery will depend on the operation and the patient. Multiple consecutive treatments may be necessary for the first week or so after surgery, with treatments decreasing in frequency over the following weeks.

Our Lymphatic Drainage Specialist in Nairobi

The Source MediSpa
Vangline Musaa

Physiotherapist, Sports and MLD Therapist

Professionally trained in South Africa and Kenya, Vangline has over 5 years’ experience in sports physiotherapy, combining techniques to provide unique and effective therapies. She is also one of only a handful of Specialists in Kenya practicing manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) therapy.
Her goal is to create long-term positive change in the body using her magical hands – to alleviate pain and bring relief to chronic discomfort for a sense of ease and relaxation.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage & FAQ

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