Nano Hair Strokes

Our Nano Hair Strokes in Nairobi consists of hair like strokes created with a machine and Nano needle that follow the natural flow of natural eyebrows. This is a very natural look but is only suitable for dry skin and clients with a bit of hair on the eyebrows. The final look is similar to microblading but this technique creates less trauma on the skin but goes a bit deeper than Micro blading that’s why it lasts 2-3 years unlike micro blading which lasts 1.5-2 years.

Each procedure takes 2-3 hours. We use topical numbing cream and secondary numbing gels throughout the whole procedure to make sure the procedure is pain free.

Difference between Nano Hair Strokes and Microblading?

  • Nano creates less trauma to the skin since a Nano cartridge is used to implant the pigment unlike in Microblading a blade is used to implant the pigment.
  • A machine is used to create the strokes thus can go much deeper and lasts longer unlike with Micro blading where a hand tool is used so the depth is determining by the technician.
  • The strokes are much thicker since the technician goes over the strokes 3-4 times with the machine and the Nano cartridge unlike with Microblading where one goes over the hair strokes once or twice to avoid going too deep.
  • This technique is suitable for clients with a bit of hair but Microblading can be done on clients with almost no hair on the eyebrows since the strokes are very thin and fine.