Permanent Eyeliner in Nairobi

Permanent Eyeliner a technique where pigment is implanted on the top or bottom eyelid to enhance the eyes.

We offer 3 different Permanent Eyeliner Styles, a Lash Enhancement which gives the impression of thicker lashes but doesn’t go beyond the lash line. The Basic Permanent Eyeliner lies between one line above the lashes thickening at the outer edge slightly. Finally we have the Thicker Permanent Eyeliner, which lies between the lashes and also outside the lash line thickening at the lateral aspect of the eye. It lasts 3-5 years.

If you have any questions about Permanent Eyeliner in Nairobi, we are happy to help!

Permanent Eyeliner in Nairobi FAQ

For the Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Color Correction, we use topical anaesthetic 15 minutes before the procedure then top up with secondary anaesthetic during the procedure. The procedures are pain free.

Permanent Eyeliner procedure can take up to 2 hours.

For Permanent Eyeliner we use dark brown to black pigment depending on how dark a client wants the eyeliner when it’s healed.

We use a Permanent Makeup machine and rotary needles to implant the pigment. Each technique uses a different needle cartridge and it’s only used once and disposed.

We measure the Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner before the procedure to find a shape as close to the clients natural shape and enhance a bit depending on the clients expectations. The client has to approve the shape first before we start the Permanent Eyeliner procedure.

Permanent Eyeliner costs at KES20,000 at our Medical Spa in Nairobi.