Vascular Lesions Treatment

Blood vessels in your face, around your nose, your neck or legs or around the ankles can be unsightly and annoying. These tiny vessels are sometimes called telangiectasia or rosacea in the face, and spider or thread veins on your body.

In Kenya, sometimes UV radiation can cause your blood vessels in your face to be more prominent, as the sun can thin your skin making them more visible.

Our exceptional NdYAG vascular laser combines a long and short laser impulse to make it an ideal choice to treat conditions such as vascular lesions (rosacea, facial redness, blood vessels, haemangiomas, angiomas, facial or leg veins, telangiectasia, venous lakes, port-wine stains).

Other conditions this laser treats include acne therapy, photo-rejuvenation, hair removal and onychomycosis (nail fungus).

The NdYAG laser for vascular lesions is safe and suitable for all skin types. The laser beam penetrates through the skin, targeting only the red pigments, which is destroys. The skin remains intact. The deep vascular feeding system is also targeted, thereby ensuring the long-term efficacy of the treatment. This laser is perfectly safe, as the body´s natural immune system then cleans the pigments from the treated areas. A special cooling devise helps to minimize discomfort making this laser a very well tolerated therapy.

For leg veins, we use a combination of injection sclerotherapy and laser, in order to give you the best and most efficient solution to leg and thread veins.